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    Skate Horses
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  • Skate Horses Game is a flash game developed byt the team. Welcome to the world of Horse skating! Meet the coolest horses in the world Chubby, Gorgeous and Flippo.Choose one of them and start an adventure of a lifetime. The Tutorial will teach you how to rule the game and give you some extra tips how to get to the victory as easier as possible. Follow the Accelerator bar on the left upper corner and press right arrow key in the second when its full green to make a maximum push. On the right side of the screen is a Boost bar, which fills automatically every time you accelerate. When its full it will automatically release and give you boost of speed. But if you hit an obstacle in that moment, it stops from the point you were. Press Space Bar to jump over an obstacle, because youll slow down every time you fall and thus lose the advantage. Go to the Shop where a lovely mare will present you the upgrades, which you can buy from 25- 375 dollars. Here you can also find a Bone razor, a semi-professional skateboard for 1000 dollars and a professional skate board, the Rocket Launcher for 2000 dollars. These two also need to be upgrade at their maximum and get the top initial and max speed, friction, acceleration and increase the duration of the boost. Collect coins and earn 10 points for each coin, but note that some of them can be gathered only in boost. As you progress the racetracks will remain the same, but the difference is among your opponents, which are becoming faster and better. You can unlock the next race only if you earn first place, so be fast and beat all 20 races in the fastest time. Click the buttons on the left lower to turn on off the music and sound, pause the game or retry the race with the most amazing Skate Horses.

      The coolest free Skate Horses for everybody!Skate Horses would help you entertained and helps you pass the time,just remember share Skate Horses to your friend!
    How To Play:
    Click on "Start Game" button to play, make sure your browser allow popup. After you click "Start Game" there is a window popup, have fun...

    Skate Horses

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