Violence, Velocity and Vehicular – The V’s of the gaming industry

Yes, all these three V’s are very common in the gaming industry these days. The users are tired of playing the same old car racing games over and over again. They want something new – something that makes the gaming world limitless. It does not necessarily have to have a gangster element but violence is something that is loved by the users these days. It allows them to take out their real life frustration in the gaming world.

The plain car racing games are very out dated, users are looking for newer and more interesting features. They want to be able to destroy the car they don’t like and watch it burn, they want the accidents to look more real, they want to see an exaggerated reflection of what would have happened in the real life. These added features are solely responsible for the success of any vehicular game these days.
Here’s a list of most violently enjoyable high velocity vehicular games ever to be seen:
Road Blaster – ’87

It is one of the most underrated games in the history of Saga Video Games. Road Blaster was the first on its kind game with a hybrid system of racing and shooting. It had the option to use extra weapons and bombs to destroy the vehicle the way you like. Although the game received a good amount of popularity from the users but it didn’t go up to the heights it really deserved.

Road Rash 2 – ’91
The best combat racers game in the early 90’s where you can use physical combat techniques to defeat your opponent racer.

Nascar Heat – ’00
After a long wait Nascar Heat hit the market in the early 2000. It was the coolest Play Station game of its time. The car crashes were so real that it was impossible to play this game without indulging into any activity that includes destruction.

Blur – ’10
This was one of the craziest games on Xbox 360. This game introduced several breath taking features and was made using superior graphics. Every turn the user takes and ever thing it runs over is more fascinating and real than the real thing itself.

Bus Rage – ’12
This is the kind of iPhone Game that perfectly fits the definition of velocity, vehicular and violent. It allows the user to make avatars of people they don’t like and run them over in different ways using a speeding school bus. It allows users to take out their real life anger and annoyance on virtual character. You have no idea how many lives this game is going to save!

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