Spend Quality Time With Your Family Playing Road Trip Games This Holiday

If you are anything like me, holidays are a win-lose situation. I love seeing my family and getting together with nephews and nieces that have grown up since the last time I saw them. However, I do not enjoy taking long, uncomfortable road trips that I often have to do to get to my family.

Road trips, I found, do not automatically have to be horrible experiences. You can find a lot of fun ways to interact with your kids to make the ride more fun. Road trips and good snacks help make the trip a lot more enjoyable, and I hear a lot less whining from my children. Here are some great road trip games we have tried before.

Play the “I Spy” game. Choose something in the car, on the road, outside in the landscape and give a hint about the object. The people in the car can ask you yes or no questions to guess what the object is. Whoever is the first to guess the object gets to be it and “spy” on something new.

“A-B-C’s”: Play the ABC’s. Look for words that start with the letter A, and then move to the next alphabet letter down through Z. You can play as an entire car or split in to teams. If you do decide to do teams you cannot share the same word on the road.

Play fun math games with the kids. There are a lot of fun math games that can liven up a boring trip. Have children look for livestock on the side of the road they are seated closest to and count them up. Certain livestock can have different point percentages. For example, each white horse they spot can be fifty points. If they count more than twenty livestock they automatically get thirty points. Whoever gets to 300 wins.

This is a fun math game because the older children can help the younger children count. This is not the only way to play the math game, however. You can count up other subjects, such as semi-trucks or gas stations, if there aren’t a lot of livestock in the area you are driving.

“Song Melody” – Sing songs according to the first letter of the title. Start with the letter A and go through the alphabet. You can go around the car giving each person a chance to play, or you could do it all together as a car to play off each other.

You don’t have to make your road trip boring. You also don’t need to waste time watching DVDs. Instead, get together and interact with your kids for some fun road trip games.

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