Generally, child and play best fills the void of each other. Playing games and passing out the idle time stretched out the youth and old generation both. It helps to rejuvenate one’s mind out of the hectic corporate and social life. “Am I not sharing the same view like many others? I know I am!”As time passes on, children get fond of different playing stuffs and unknowingly they become their integral part of life. How and when, it remains unanswered.
The wheel of time keeps rotating with the new technological developments, so the field of games also of being having materialistic play tools earlier to recent virtually represented play styles in machines like computer or television. Changing trends from indoor to outdoor games, knowledgeable to adventurous games and quiz to video games are few developments in this area. Now-a-days, the growing business of video parlour eyes out the interest of children or youth towards the new change. They are bagged with different kind of games and facilities storing all new inventions in their backyard for future looks. One of the ways of having fun is with the flash game. A thousand of quiz, puzzle, sports or card related games are uploaded and viewed electronically to attract different age groups having different background of interests.
A very common view of playing car racing is one of the video games which stand at the top of demand list. People cherished the thought of being fast in life, whether it’s in social competition, civic norms or last but not the least while on the roads. When not in roads, video parlor may signs up a good substitute. The speed, the power, the style, if be abducted by the user, then what else he could ask for sitting in a place? The racing games like the car chasing or bike chasing numbers glimpses a feeling of satisfaction .Who don’t like to win and secure first position leaving everybody behind? And that’s our wish too–to be the first or most admired one among all others! In the tremendously fast changing computer sector, these free online games are occupying their hold firmly by stabilizing their business prospects to reach the maximum people. Amongst all, the racing car games vowed its own distinguished position in the market. The ice racings, the monster truck racing are few such sub parts of this.

Games should be always which can be played and loved by all age groups, genders. Low knowledge or illiteracy shouldn’t create any stop to fun. To well suit with this terms perhaps casual games are the preferred video games due to their simplicity and easy going process. After all, if not understood clearly, how could a person feel comfortable with a game and how could he be relief to spend his leisure time. Casual games involve simple games like chess or card game or any puzzle solving game etc. They are much easier to play and accepted by people wholeheartedly. Actually whatever is the style; the main aim is to feel happy and play safely to get rid of our difficulties and worries at least for a moment. Games should never violate the basic thought of fun giving and healthy growth of a human mind, thereby clinging out a little time for one’s own self in the busy world.

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