5 Thrilling Racing Games That are a Must Have for Any Boy

A perfect gift idea for his next birthday perhaps!

Boys are always looking for their next best adventure. Something to captivate them and indulge their curiosity, which is just how they are. That is why video games for boys are designed to do just that, to ensure that they truly find their next big mystery to solve.

Top on the list of boy games is racing video games. Therefore, the next time you are thinking of finding a gift for your son it may be a good idea to consider getting your son one of these intriguing racing boy games.

Top 5 racing games that are a must have for your boy

oggy racing chicken

Oggy racing chicken is an intriguing racing game. In this set up, Oggy some mischievous insects steal the chicken. Your task is to get the chicken back form the enemy and you will have to do so on a bike, the more chicken you collect the more points you score and the more energy and race speed you gain.

Airport super racing game

It is one of the most famous boys’ games. It is perfect really; you get to drive a fast car at the airport, perfect for a hyperactive driver out to test your driving skills. You will need to complete all seven levels of the game to show how perfect your driving skills are.

This game is bound to make even the finest of drivers break a sweat! So if your boy is in for a challenging racing game this is it.

Doraemon street race

Doraemon street race is an amazing racing game, where you get to pick out a car and race against your friends. You get to pick out a character and drive against your friends. You will drive and control your car using arrow keys and every time you need to stay ahead make sure you utilize a boost of nitro to get your speed to what it needs to be.

The aim of the game is to collect as many coins as possible and to ensure that you came up top of the race at each of the five levels within the game.

Remodel racing

Remodel racing is an adrenaline filled racing game. In this game, you will customize your own vehicle and race against your opponents to earn some cash in order to be able to upgrade your vehicle with all the parts and accessories it needs to stay on top of the game.

The cash you earn will allow you to get access to better garages and get into all those top races that will help you earn top cash.

Dirt racers

This is a racing game with awesome graphics and music. An excellent racing game for your teenage boy, they will definitely love it. You are one of the dirt racers and you need to race to survive this race. It is an adrenaline packed race that is considered among one of the most coveted boys games in the gaming industry.

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